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Air-assisted Electrospinning Production Line MF04-002

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Air-assisted Electrospinning Production Line MF04-002 is a nanofiber mass production equipment based on electrospinning technology independently developed by our company, innovatively uses airflow and electrostatic field for spinning, effectively improving the efficiency of needle spinning. The equipment has a complete rewinding and unwinding system, liquid supply system, high pressure system, temperature and humidity control system and PLC control system. The equipment has high production efficiency and good stability, which can meet the requirements of enterprise batch and continuous production. It has broad application prospects in high-efficiency filter materials, tissue engineering, drug carriers, and functional textiles.

  • (1)high degree of automation

  • (2)high productivity

  • (3)Good scalability

  • (4)Simple maintenance

Equipment name (model)

Air-assisted Electrospinning Production Line (MF04-002)



Final filtration efficiency (PFE) after processing

90 ~ 98% (meet the performance requirements of double-layer KN95 or single-layer KN95 masks)

Delivery date

15-20 days

Equipment composition

Spinning module + winding and unwinding module + drying module + electronic control module + liquid supply module


9m(L) * 2.5m(W) * 2.5m(H)


< 100 kW

Source of raw materials

After the customer orders the equipment, Lepton will provide turnkey service, including membrane formula and training services. Raw materials could be purchased directly from Lepton.

Production workers

The equipment is simple to operate and maintain, and has no experience, education and basic requirements for production personnel. One person can operate the device.

Polluted waste treatment: heavy metal ion adsorption, acid-base water treatment, organic waste gas treatment, organic wastewater treatment, small molecule pollutant adsorption, etc.;

※ Filtration separation: suspended particles, PM2.5 masks, gas turbine filter membranes, water filtration, screening, oil-water separation, extraction, seawater desalination, etc.;

※ Biomedicine: drug delivery, dressing, drug extraction, tissue engineering scaffold, biological testing, cosmetics, antibacterial and antibacterial, artificial organs, enzyme fixation, etc.;

※ New energy: organic solar cells, lithium ion electrode materials, sodium ion battery materials, fuel cells, lithium battery diaphragms, photocatalytic hydrolysis, etc.;

※ Electronic information: gas sensors, humidity sensors, biological detection, flexible circuits, microfluidic chips, micro and nano devices, etc.;

※ Catalysis: organic waste water and waste gas catalytic treatment, photocatalysis, chemical catalysis, etc.;

※ National defense industry: missile insulation, stealth wave absorption, lightweight insulation materials, electromagnetic shielding, etc.;

※ Others: food processing, composite reinforcement, anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping, waterproof and moisture-permeable, aerogel, high temperature insulation, warmth, etc.


Mask filter


Artificial skin

New energy



Screen filter

National Defense Industry



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