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High-Level Electrospinning Equipment E04-001

- 2 sets of 8-needle electrospinning spinnerets, higher spinning efficiency, and more uniformity;
- Equipped with positive & negative high-voltage power supplies, and the spray system can realize conjugate electrospinning;
- Two types of electrospinning collectors; rotating drum collector effective width 400mm, diameter ø140mm; drum speed: 100-1500r/min; adjustable; Flat collector: T type 400x250mm;
- Optional electrospun nanofiber yarn collection system to prepare continuous nanofiber yarns;
- With a three-channel syringe pump, three materials can be spun at the same time for coaxial electrospinning experiments;
- Assembly of tubular collectors capable of constructing small-bore nanofiber scaffolds;
- Color touch screen integrated digital control system;
- Control experiment time, record, and save experiment date;
- Humidity control: 25%~room humidity value, deviation: ±3%RH.

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  • Product Description

electrospinning equipment E04.jpg

Introduction of Multifunctional Electrospinning Machine

- Electrospinning machine E04-001 integrates various functions into one, with complete functions;

- Equipped with two one-push three (three-channel) syringe pumps, which can spin three materials at the same time;

- The spinning efficiency of the equipment is high, the nanofiber membrane coating is more uniform, and the coating area is large;

- Equipped with positive and negative high-voltage power supply and counter-jet spinning system to realize conjugate electrospinning and easily prepare oriented fibers;

- Modular design to realize the collection methods of various collectors;

- The environmental control system is more comprehensive and can precisely control the environmental humidity and temperature;

- Suitable for experiments and small mass production.


- 2 sets of 8-needle spinnerets, with large and wide drums(width 400mm, diameter ø140mm), higher spinning efficiency, and a more uniform collection of nanofibers;

- Double nozzle system (temperature control: room temperature ~ 60 ℃; humidity control: 25% RH to indoor humidity), equipped with positive/negative high voltage power supply, better collection effect, can realize conjugate spinning;

- Can be replaced with different nanofiber collection modules, more flexible experiment options;

- High-precision environmental control system to ensure the optimal spinning working environment and solve problems such as liquid spraying, dripping, and hanging;

- Color touch screen integrated digital control system;

- Safe air intake and exhaust automatic device to protect human health;

- The numerical control touch screen system controls the stable operation of each module of the equipment and records the experimental data regularly.

Technical parameter


Parameters and configuration

High voltage power supply


- Output voltage 1: DC 0—+50KV, current <1mA, input voltage AC220±10%;

- Output voltage 2: DC -30—0KV, current <1mA, input voltage AC220±10%.

Liquid supply pump system

- Syringe pump liquid supply system (individual control)

- Automatic liquid supply speed range: 0.01-20ml/h; Manual liquid supply speed range: 0.1-100cm/min;

- The dual syringe pumps are arranged relative to each other and can be operated at the same time;

- Applicable syringe specifications: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20ml;

- Syringe pumps are all one-push three (three-channel) syringe pumps.

X-Y-Z three-axis mobile platform


-Conjugate pair spinning X-Y-Z three-axis module, the spinning module can be adjusted at any angle

-Y-axis automatic motion platform: reciprocating stroke 500mm; positioning accuracy ≤ 0.03mm;

-X-axis manual displacement spinning stroke range: 50-300mm;

Electrospinning nozzle

- Equipped with 2 × 8 needle array nozzles (single flow channel);

- Equipped with 2×4 needle array nozzle (dual flow channel);

Environmental Control System


-Temperature control: room temperature~60℃, temperature adjustable, accuracy ±1℃;

- Humidity control of dehumidification module: 25%RH to indoor humidity, accuracy: humidity deviation ±3%RH;

- Exhaust: The exhaust time can be set, and the exhaust can be timed.

CNC operating system

- Nozzle movement control, liquid supply system control, heating control, humidity control, exhaust gas control, experiment timing control, and lighting control, as well as monitoring the status of each part, to achieve a more humanized and visualized control function.

Security system

- Discharge short circuit protection;

- Running lights;

- Safety signs;

- Leakage Protection;

- Organic waste gas emission: avoid electric shock, fire, explosion, and other accidents caused by charge accumulation, avoid organic waste gas leakage and affect health;

- Inert gas access and control functions.

Control System

- PC man-machine control interface;

- Control parameter settings (manual speed settings, automatic movement speed settings, height adjustment settings, return to zero, and related control buttons);

- Real-time parameter monitoring;

- parameter record;

- Custom track settings.

Rated power

- The power of the whole machine is 4kW including:

(1) Spinning equipment 2kW

(2) Environmental control system 2kW

Device weight

- N.W.:100kgs

Device dimension




 Device consumables and distribution materials



Standard quantity

Exhaust pipe


1 pcs

Eight-needle single-channel array nozzle

Nanofibrous membranes can be quickly prepared, Conjugate spinning is more efficient

2 pcs

Four-needle dual-channel array nozzle

Achieve the same function of conjugate spinning, with higher spinning efficiency

2 pcs

22G needle


5 boxes

PVA solution

PVA solution 20ml

2 boxes



5 for each

Microsphere needle


1 box

Repair tool Allen wrench


1 set

Side-by-side needles

Specifications: 0.7/0.7mm or 0.5/0.5mm

2 pcs

Two-layer coaxial needle

Specification: 22/17G

2 pcs


 Optional(Must be ordered as standard)

Please note: the following non-standard configurations, additional charges will be required for additional configurations



Electrospinning Nanofiber Spinning Device

Collection winding device

Winding speed: 0-1000r/min

Tension Controller

The adjustment accuracy is 0.1N, which can make the take-up tension constant

nano yarn collector.png

Three-layer coaxial nozzle

Three layers of coaxial nanofibers can be fabricated


Three-layer coaxial nozzle

One needle two-channel nozzle


One needle two-channel nozzle

One needle three-channel nozzle

One needle three-channel nozzle

Dish collector

Oriented fibers can be prepared


Device detail      

Electrospinning Syringe Pump

- It can independently control a single group of one-push three (three-channel) syringe pumps, and two syringe pumps can be used at the same time;

- Large thrust can be used in high viscosity solutions, and has a long service life;

- Specially designed for electrospinning, simple operation, and easy control. Precise control of infusion flow rate/volume;

- Automatic liquid supply speed range: 0.01-20ml/h; Manual liquid supply speed range: 0.1-100cm/min.

Electrospinning Liquid Supply Syringe Pump (Three Channels)

electrospinning liquid supply pump.jpg


Solution nozzle

- The spinneret is a single-channel eight-needle array spinneret, with a total of 16 needles, and the spinning efficiency is higher;

- The two groups of spinnerets are arranged oppositely, and the two groups of needles can be connected to positive and negative voltages respectively to realize conjugate spinning;

- Provides a wealth of nozzle configurations, which can be replaced with different types of nozzles;

- Equipped with insulating brackets.

Solution nozzle

Solution nozzle

Three-axis motion platform

-X-Y-Z three-axis motion module, the module can be adjusted arbitrarily;

-The X-axis can control the spinning receiving distance;

- Y-axis can control the reciprocation of the nozzle system;

- Z-axis can be used to adjust the height of the nozzle and adjust the spinning angle.

electrospinning equipment_device.png


Nanofiber collector

- Equipped with roller collector and T-shaped flat collector,2 nanofiber membranes can be prepared at the same time, and the spinning efficiency is higher;

- The width of the drum is wide, which can make the nanofiber coating more uniform;

- Flat collection can be used for fast experiments, collecting nanofibers on a flat surface;

-The roller is controlled by a motor, with high speed and high precision; using material SS316.

 electrospinning equipment_Drum.png

Device operation panel

- The control function of the device is integrated on the device panel;

- Detect the operation of each part of the system during the operation of the equipment.

electrospinning equipment_operation panel.png

Nano yarn device

- Nano yarn device is an optional configuration of electrospinning equipment E04-001, equipped with double nozzle system, rotating funnel, yarn collector;

- Nanofiber yarns with a certain degree of orientation can be prepared;

- The electrospinning spinning module is an optional configuration and needs to be purchased separately.


Consumables and Accessories Details

1 inlet, 4outlets needle

Electrospinning needle

Double layer coaxial electrospinning needle

1 inlet, 4outlets needle

Electrospinning needle 

Double layer coaxial electrospinning needle

Side by side needle

Microsphere needle 28G


Side by side needle

Microsphere needle 28G

One needle three-channel nozzle


                  Eight-needle single-channel spinneret Eight-needle single-channel spinneret

Eight-needle single-channel spinneret

                     Four-needle dual-channel spinneret  Four-needle dual-channel spinneret

Four-needle dual-channel spinneret


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