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Multifunctional Electrospinning Machine E06

Brand name : Nanofiberlabs
Model : E05
Certificates : CE/FCC
Shipment : By Ship
Dimension : 0.85m*0.8m*1.8m

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  • Product Description

Product Features

Electrospinning machine E06-001 is an electrostatic spinning equipment independently developed by our company. The equipment has complete functions and superior performance, and is a good research assistant.

1.1 The equipment adopts a left-right spinning structure and is equipped with a dual-group single-needle dedicated nozzle module.

1.2 The temperature and humidity environment control system can effectively control the temperature and humidity of the spinning cavity and improve the spinning stability.

1.3 Conjugate spinning can be used to make multi-material composite nanofiber membranes. It has a timing function and a function to query experimental data and has three windows to facilitate the loading and unloading of materials and sampling.


Equipment Accessories


Double injection pump liquid supply system, which can be installed on a mobile sliding table(separate control).

1 Automatic liquid supply speed range: 0.01-100ml/h; manual liquid supply speed range: 0.1-80 ml/min

2 Applicable syringe size: 1,10,20 ml

3 Solution tube: outer dia 4mm×inner dia 2mm; materials: PTFE; connection:metal luer taper

4 Injection pumps are all single channel


The syringe pump can be installed on a mobile sliding table.

1 Freely replaceable single needle nozzle range is 13-34G

2 Four needles & single channel array nozzle

3 Double shell coaxial nozzle 1 PCS, 17G/22G


Nozzle X-Y-Z three-axis mobile platform. Ensure the stability during spinning

1 Z axis manual lifting platform: 0-110mm, adjustable

2 X axis manual displacement stroke range: 0-250mm

3 Y axis automatic motion platform effective stroke 200mm


Electrostatic spinning roller collection device can adjust roller speed

1 Roller collection: effective length 200mm, dia 80mm; rotating speed: 0.01-800 r/min,adjustble;

2 Flat plate collection: L shape 180mm*220mm

Double high voltage power supply:

1 positive:0-50 kV adjustable; 

2 negative: 0-30 kV adjustable;


Inner cavity heater and exhaust valve

1 The heating device heats the inner cavity of the equipment to help the solution volatilize. It should be noted that the syringe pump should be placed outside when heating.

2 The exhaust valve helps cool the internal cavity of the equipment and vaporizes the solvent when it is working.

3 Environment temperature range: room temp up to 60℃±1℃ adjustable;
Environment humidity range: room humidity down to 40%±3% RH adjustable; 3-5 mins adjustment time.


Operation System

1 7 inches touch screen, numerical control system

2 You can control the spinning voltage, the speed of the sliding table, the speed of the roller, the speed of the liquid, the temperature and humidity of the environment and other experimental parameters on the operation panel

Optional introduction


(1) Electrospinning coaxial nanofibers, core-shell structured nanofibers, hollow nanofibers, drug slow-release nanofibers, etc.

(2) Air-jet spinning, air-assisted electrospinning, solution jet spinning needles.

(3) Microfluidics.

Customer case

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