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Multifunctional Electrospinning Machine E06

- Precise temperature and humidity control
- Regularly control the experiment time, Modular design, rich functions
- Single-needle & multi-needle nozzles, coaxial nozzles, can prepare hollow fibers, core-shell fibers, oriented fibers, etc.
- Various collectors, drum collector effective width 200mm, diameter ø80mm; drum speed: 100-3000r/min adjustable.
- Security system
- Certificates: CE/FCC

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  • Product Description


Electrospinning instrument E06 introduction

Electrospinning machine E06-001 is an electrospinning device independently developed by Nanofiberlabs. The equipment is compact, flexible, and available in the laboratory. This device can carry out single nozzle and double nozzle production capacity and can realize the uniform layer of nanofiber membrane.

A variety of nanofibers can be prepared, such as core-shell, hollow and A variety of nanofibers can be prepared, such as core-shell, hollow, and bicomponent coaxial nanofibers.

Nanofiber morphology

Electrospinning instrument features

(1) The built-in dehumidifier and syringe pump ensure the optimum spinning environment. Prevent problems such as spraying, dripping, and thread hanging;

(2) Color touch screen integrated digital control system;

(3) Safe air intake and exhaust automatic device to protect human health;

(4) Optional special nozzles for rapid preparation of nanofiber membranes;

(5) High precision of temperature and humidity, high speed controllable;

(6) Control experiment time, record and save experiment data;

(7) Modular design is rich in functions; a variety of nozzle systems can prepare samples with different shapes.

electrospinningdual high voltage power supplies

Electrospinning high voltage power supply:

(1)  Output voltage: DC 0~ +50KV、Current: <1mA、Input voltage: 220V±10%;

(2)  Output voltage: DC 0~ -30KV、Current: <1mA、Input voltage: 220V±10%.

Electrospinning injection pump

Electrospinning Syringe Pump

A group of single-channel syringe pumps can be independently controlled; Specially designed for electrospinning, simple, and easy to control. Accurate control of infusion flow rate/volume.

electrospinning device_setup_collector.jpg

Electrospinning environment

(1)  The exhauster is used to cool the electrospinning equipment during the working process and help the solvent to vaporize.

(2)  The heater can control the room temperature and help the volatilization of the solvent; the heating temperature can be adjusted precisely.

electrospinning needle

Electrospinning needle

(1)Single syringe needle, 13-34G needle can be replaced at will;

(2)Coaxial needle, With coaxial spinneret; can perform coaxial electrospinning experiments; prepare core-shell structure nanofibers and hollow nanofibers; combine the different characteristics of each polymer.

electrospinning instrument control system

Security system

(1) Discharge short circuit protection;

(2) Running indicator;

(3) Safety signs;

(4) Leakage protection;

(5) Organic waste gas emission: avoid electric shock, fire, explosion, and other accidents caused by the accumulation of electric charge, and avoid the leakage of organic waste gas, which affects health;

(6) Inert gas access and control function.


Electrospinning device accessories

(1)Parallel electrode collector:adjustable pitch 0-100mm, oriented fiber can be prepared; 

(2)Cage collector:the outer diameter of the cage is 80mm; the diameter of the tube is 8mm; oriented fiber can be prepared;

(3) Tube collector: using tubular collectors, nanofiber tubular scaffolds can be prepared;

(4) Eight-needle spinneret and four-needle dual-channel spinneret

Multi-needle electrospinning spinneret for rapid preparation of nanofiber membranes;

(5) A set of the three-channel syringe pump is optional, which can push and squeeze three solutions at the same time;

(6) Other electrospinning needle accessories: can prepare two-chamber and three-chamber nanofibers.

electrospinning nanofiber SEM

Customer case

The electrospinning machine of one of our customers has been in use for 3 years. After 3 postdoctoral fellows and 2 graduate students, there are still students using it, and there is no problem with the machine.

Customers have given high praise to the electrospinning machines produced by our company. They commented that the equipment is durable and the price is cheap; it has a perfect pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale service system; they are more willing to choose us.

Papers made by our customers using Nanofiberlabs electrospinning machines can be seen from the links below:  




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