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Professional Electrospinning Machine E02

Certificates: CE/FCC
Features: Desktop style small size, High cost-effective

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        Electrospinning machine E02-001 is an electrospinning equipment independently developed by our company, which occupies a small area and has a high degree of functional integration. Equipped with a drum with a diameter of 80mm, a nozzle made of corrosion-resistant insulating material, and a single-needle dedicated nozzle module; it can heat and dehumidify within a certain range, effectively control the temperature and humidity of the spinning cavity, and improve spinning stability; the equipment is small and exquisite, It can be placed in a fume hood to efficiently discharge organic solvents and greatly improve the personal safety of experimenters. It is the best choice for scientific researchers.

Professional Electrospinning Machine E02






Spinnable material

Base Spinning polymer


Inorganic additivesTitanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, etc.
Natural productCellulose, sodium alginate, chitosan, collagen, etc.
Most polymer solutions can be used as spinning   materials


High voltage power supply



Liquid   supply system

Liquid supply system

Independently control the syringe pump

Applicable syringe specifications1、3、5、10、20ml
Automatic liquid supply speed0.01~80ml/min
Material usedCorrosion-resistant   insulating plastic
Reciprocating   stroke of nozzle50mm~200mm
Spinning distanceUp to 200mm


Collection   device

Adopt roller receiving   method; roller and plate

Roller specifications


Rotating speed:50-1000r/min

PlateL type 180*220mm
Material304 stainless steel


Temperature   and humidity control system

Temperature control range

Room temperature~40℃,Precision±1℃

ExhaustMaximum air volume 0.5m³/h


Spinning control system

Touch screen

4.3 Inch

Key control   functions include

Liquid supply speedTemperature monitoring
Slide table movement speedLight
Spinning timer shutdownExhaust control


Equipment   size


8Optional accessories

Spinning output increase

One push three syringe pump

Enables   efficient spinning

Four needle array nozzle
Double coaxial needleCan be used to prepare   hollow fiber and coaxial fiber
Three-layer coaxial needleCan be used to prepare three-layer   core-shell structure fiber

Special electric field

Parallel electrodesCan realize directional   spinning

※Polluted waste treatment: heavy metal ion adsorption, acid-base water treatment, organic waste gas treatment, organic wastewater treatment, small molecule pollutant adsorption, etc.;

※ Filtration separation: suspended particles, PM2.5 masks, gas turbine filter membranes, water filtration, screening, oil-water separation, extraction, seawater desalination, etc.;

※ Biomedicine: drug delivery, dressing, drug extraction, tissue engineering scaffold, biological testing, cosmetics, antibacterial and antibacterial, artificial organs, enzyme fixation, etc.;

※ New energy: organic solar cells, lithium ion electrode materials, sodium ion battery materials, fuel cells, lithium battery diaphragms, photocatalytic hydrolysis, etc.;

※ Electronic information: gas sensors, humidity sensors, biological detection, flexible circuits, microfluidic chips, micro and nano devices, etc.;

※ Catalysis: organic waste water and waste gas catalytic treatment, photocatalysis, chemical catalysis, etc.;

※ National defense industry: missile insulation, stealth wave absorption, lightweight insulation materials, electromagnetic shielding, etc.;

※ Others: food processing, composite reinforcement, anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping, waterproof and moisture-permeable, aerogel, high temperature insulation, warmth, etc.




Artificial skin

New energy

Mask filterBiomedicine
Artificial skinNew energy
Screen filter
National Defense Industry
SensorScreen filterNational Defense IndustryOther


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