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Characterization Instrument

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Commonly used characterization methods in electrospinning experiments are:

(1) Characterization of spinning solution characteristics: viscosity, surface tension, conductivity test

(2) Composition characterization: infrared spectrum, Raman spectrum, ultraviolet-visible absorption spectrum, X-ray electronic energy spectrum, energy dispersive X-ray spectrum

(3) Structural characterization: BET nitrogen adsorption method, X-ray diffraction

(4) Morphology characterization: scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope, atomic force microscope, fluorescence microscope

(5) Thermal characterization: thermogravimetric analysis, thermal differential analysis and differential scanning calorimetry

(6) Mechanical characterization: tensile performance, compression performance

(7) Electrical characterization: resistance and resistivity test, dielectric characteristic test

(8) Characterization of filtration performance: filtration efficiency, resistance, and air permeability


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