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Electrospinning machine

Based in Shishan Town of Foshan National High-Tech Industries Development Zone, Foshan Nanofiberlabs Co., Ltd (Nanofiberlabs) was founded in 2014 which dedicate to the overall solutions for new material preparation equipment and biomedical research equipment.

We are a young and energetic team with 5 PHDS and 5 Masters. With strong research and development strength, we have 20 authorized invention patents and 23 utility model patents, and have been rated as a national high-tech enterprise for many years.

Lab Scale

Lab Scale

        According to the customer's research direction, laboratory area and budget, the company has developed a variety of laboratory electrospinning equipment, mainly including Handheld Electrospinning Instrument, Desktop Electrospinning Machine E03, and Multifunctional Electrospinning Machine E06, Centrifugal Electrospinning Machine, Melt Near Field Direct Writing Equipment M08 and Solution Near Dield Direct Writing Equipment NFES. All equipment are integrated with PLC control, with high degree of automation, simple operation and easy to use. The equipment can spin many materials, such as commonly used water-soluble materials PVA, PEO, PVP, non-water-soluble materials PLA, PVDF, PAN, PU, PA, PS, PES, etc. You can choose different spinning materials according to your product needs .

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