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Professional Electrospinning Machine E03

- Desktop style, small size, low price; size:520mm*570mm*750mm;
- Integrated function, lab-scale professional, simple and easy to use;
- Superior performance, the device can adjust temperature and humidity;
- Certificates: CE/FCC

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Electrospinning setup Features

  1. Desktop style, small size, low price;

  2. Integrated function, lab-scale professional, simple and easy to use;

  3. Superior performance, the device can adjust temperature and humidity;

  4. Nanofiber diameter range: 20-1000nm;

  5. More than 100 spinning materials can be used;

  6. Single-needle & multiple needles & coaxial needles are available;

  7. Various nanofiber collectors;

  8. CE&FCC Certification.

Electrospinning machine & Electrospray machine Introduction

E03-001 is a professional electrospinning machine independently developed by Nanofiberlabs. This equipment has the characteristics of small size and space-saving, which is particularly suitable for R&D and has a high degree of functional integration, which can meet the needs of electrospinning experiments.

Electrospinning technology is a simple and efficient nanofiber preparation technology, its principle is: in the high voltage electrostatic field when the electric field force is greater than the surface tension, the charged polymer solution will be sprayed into filaments, drawn, and refined under the action of electric field force, accompanied by solvent volatilization, and then solidified into nanofibers with a diameter of 50-300nm.

The nanofiber electrospinning device can produce ultra-fine nanofibers. The basic electrospinning solutions include PVA, PCL, TPU, PEO, PMMA, PVDF, PVP, etc. Inorganic additives: Titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, etc. Natural product: Cellulose, sodium alginate, chitosan, collagen, etc.


The principle of the electrospray unit is to use the principle of corona discharge to make the atomized paint negatively charged under the action of a high-voltage direct current electric field and adsorb to the positively charged workpiece. The processed coating has a uniform thickness, strong adhesion, and no flow phenomenon that is common in the material spraying process. Compared with the electrospinning process, the electrospray coating requires a lower viscosity solution and a higher voltage.


Electrospinning high voltage power supply

Output voltage DC: 0~ + 30KV, current<1mA.

Electrospinning injection pump

Electrospinning Liquid supply system:

(1) Injection pump is one push three (three channels)(The syringe pump can be controlled independently);

(2) 1, 3, 5, 10, 20ml syringes are applicable;

(3) Automatic liquid supply speed: 0.01~600ml/h; manual liquid supply speed: 1~20ml/min;

(4) Reciprocating stroke of nozzle: 50mm-200mm, Large thrust,         suitable for high-viscosity solutions;

(5) Spinning distance: up to 150mm.

electrospinning module

Electrospinning collector:

(1)Electrospinning drum collector, effective length 150mm, ø80mm; speed: 100~1000r/min;(2)Flat collection method, L type: 180mm*220mm

electrospinning machine_device

Electrospinning environment:

(1) Light source:LED, cold light source, clearly visible the spinning process;

(2) The exhaust fan is used to cool the inside of the machine during the working process and help the solvent to vaporize. The function switch is installed on the device panel;

(3) The heating temperature can reach up to 40°C, the temperature is adjustable, and the accuracy is ±1°C; it has the function of dehumidification and provides a suitable.

electrospinning needle

Electrospinning needle:

(1) Single syringe needle, 13-34G needle can be replaced at will;

(2) 1inlet,4outlets needle, spinning efficiency is faster;

(3) Coaxial needle, The coaxial electrospinning method is used to prepare hollow fibers and core-shell structure fibers; the characteristics of different polymers are combined. (Need to choose accessories).

Electrospinning instrument control:

Equipped with 4.1-inch touch screen, which can control automatic or manual liquid supply system; liquid supply speed; temperature control system; sliding table moving speed; spinning time; control exhaust.

Security system:

The spinning machine has a smooth surface and an all-metal shell, which is safe, rust-proof, and durable.

And equipped with guarantee function:

(1) Discharge short circuit protection;

(2) Running indicator;

(3) Safety signs;

(4) Leakage protection;

(5) Organic waste gas emission: avoid electric shock, fire, explosion, and other accidents caused by electric charge accumulation, avoid organic waste gas leakage and affect health.

Electrospinning accessories _ Spinneret

Electrospinning accessories

A set of the four-needle dual-channel spinneret, which can achieve the same function of conjugate spinning and higher spinning efficiency; 

In addition, there are other multi-channel spinneret options.

(Accessories need to be purchased under the standard configuration of the machine.)

electrospinning application

The nanofiber membranes with different functions that can be prepared by electrospinning machines are used in a variety of ways.

(1)Polluted waste treatment: heavy metal ion adsorption, acid-base water treatment, organic waste gas treatment, organic wastewater treatment, small molecule pollutant adsorption, etc.; 

(2)Filtration separation: suspended particles, PM2.5 masks, gas turbine filter membranes, water filtration, screening, oil-water separation, extraction, seawater desalination, etc.; 

(3)Biomedicine: drug delivery, dressing, drug extraction, tissue engineering scaffold, biological testing, cosmetics, antibacterial and antibacterial, artificial organs, enzyme fixation, etc.; 

(4)New energy: organic solar cells, lithium-ion electrode materials, sodium-ion battery materials, fuel cells, lithium battery diaphragms, photocatalytic hydrolysis, etc.; 

(5)Electronic information: gas sensors, humidity sensors, biological detection, flexible circuits, microfluidic chips, micro, and nanodevices, etc.; 

(6)Catalysis: organic wastewater and waste gas catalytic treatment, photocatalysis, chemical catalysis, etc.; 

(7)National defense industry: missile insulation, stealth wave absorption, lightweight insulation materials, electromagnetic shielding, etc.; 

(8)Others: food processing, composite reinforcement, anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping, waterproof and moisture-permeable, aerogel, high-temperature insulation, warmth, etc.


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