Electrohydrodynamic inkjet printing machine

Use the principles of electrohydrodynamics (EHD). Combined with a high-precision motion platform, it achieves micro/nano scale dot jet printing and linear structure direct writing to prepare preset patterns and structures.

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  • Product Description


(1) Exclusive patented technology, the device can achieve nano scale quantum dot pattern printing;

(2) The equipment has high accuracy and can achieve micro/nano scale dot jet printing, linear structure direct writing, and three-dimensional micro/nano structure;

(3) Functional modules include a high-speed vision system, high-precision multi degree of the freedom motion platform, precision ink supply system, etc;

(4) It can print polymers, biomaterials, liquid metals, various functional inks based on nanoparticles, solid low melting point metals, and other raw materials.


(1) Support for custom pattern printing, integrating three printing modes: on-demand dot printing, spinning direct writing, and atomization film making;

(2) Original software algorithm, can design fiber layout, and modify parameters to control the change path;

(3) Automatic calibration function, saving scientific research time;

(4) Equipped with a high-definition camera to capture the printing process and details, and a real-time online observation system;

(5) Support for standard CNC G code, convenient equipment programming, and convenient implementation of functions.

Graphic printing:




Taylor cone shape at different voltages


  • Flexible Electronic Printing

  • Micro/Nano 3D Printing

  • Thin Film Transistors (TFTs)

  • Screen repair

  • Photoelectric display

  • Solar battery

  • Circuit repair

  • Micro dispensing

  • Quantum dot printing

  • Optical equipment

  • Cell printing

  • Tissue Engineering

  • Microbes and Sensor Chips

  • Semiconductor package filling


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