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Multifunctional Electrospinning Machine E04-001

Integrates various functions, suitable for experiments and small-scale production;
Equipped with large wide roller to prepare more uniform and large area nanofiber membrane;
Equipped with a positive and negative dual high pressure and conjugated spinning system, easy preparation of oriented fibers;
The spinning cavity is large, providing rich configuration expansion, and can prepare multi-channel micrometers/nanotubes, nano yarns, and continuous large-area nanofibers;
To meet the experimental conditions of electrospinning preparation of most materials, the temperature and humidity of the machine can be controlled in high precision and quickly

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electrospinning equipment E04.jpg

Introduction of multifunctional electrospinning machine

(1) Multifunctional Electrospinning Machine E04-001 integrates various functions, suitable for experiments and small-scale production.

(2) Equipped with large wide roller to prepare more uniform and large area nanofiber membrane.

(3) Equipped with positive and negative high-voltage power supply and conjugate spinning system to realize conjugate electrospinning and easily prepare aligned fibers.

(4) Large spinning cavity and modular design to provide rich configuration extension, it can be used to prepare multi-channel micron/nanotube, nano-yarn, large area nanofibers membrane by other optional configurations.

(5) To meet the experimental conditions of electrospinning preparation of most materials, the temperature and humidity of the machine can be controlled in high precision and quickly.


(1) Efficiency: Equipped with two sets of multi-needle array nozzle to spin two-component materials simultaneously.

(2) Stable: Humidity control device ensures the optimum spinning environment to prevent problems such as spraying, dripping, and the growth of flocculent nanofiber stacks.

(3) Intelligence: Color touch screen integrated digital control system.

(4) Safety: Safe exhaust automatic device to protect human health.

(5) Modularization: Replace a variety of nanofiber collector easily such as parallel electrode collector, cage collector, tube collection and so on.

(6) Digitalization: The experimental time controllable, with the function of recording and saving experimental data.

Technical parameter


Parameters and configuration

High voltage power supply


- Output voltage 1 DC:0 ~ positive 30kV, current ≤1mA, input voltage AC220±10%.

- Output voltage 2 DC:0 ~ negative 30kV, current≤1mA, input voltage AC220±10%.

Liquid supply pump system

- Syringe pump liquid supply system (individual control).

- Automatic liquid supply speed range: 0.01 ~ 600mL/h.

- Manual liquid supply speed range: 0.1 ~ 100mL/min.

- Applicable syringe specifications: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20ml.

- Syringe pumps are all one-push three (three-channel) syringe pumps.

X-Y-Z three-axis mobile platform


-Adjustable at angle for conjugate spinning module

-Y-axis automatic motion platform: reciprocating stroke 400mm; positioning accuracy ≤ 0.03mm;

-X-axis manual displacement spinning stroke range: 50~300mm;

Electrospinning nozzle

- Equipped with 2 × 8 needle array nozzles (single flow channel);

- Equipped with 2×4 needle array nozzle (dual flow channel);

Environmental Control System


-Temperature control: room temperature~60℃, temperature adjustable, accuracy ±1℃;

- Humidity control of dehumidification module: 30%RH to indoor humidity, accuracy: humidity deviation ±3%RH;

- Exhaust: The exhaust time can be set, and the exhaust can be timed.

CNC operating system

- Nozzle movement control, liquid supply system control, heating control, humidity control, exhaust gas control, experiment timing control, and lighting control, as well as monitoring the status of each part, to achieve a more humanized and visualized control function.

Security system

Ensure the safety of operators

Control System

- PC man-machine control interface;

- Control parameter settings (manual speed settings, automatic movement speed settings, height adjustment settings, return to zero, and related control buttons);

- Real-time parameter monitoring;

- parameter record;

- Custom track settings.

Rated power

- The power of the whole machine is 4kW including:

(1) Spinning equipment 2kW

(2) Environmental control system 2kW

Device dimension

- Overall size: L1100 * W1000 * H (1350+250) mm.

- Net weight: 260kg.


Device detail      

Electrospinning syringe pump

(1) Large thrust: suitable for high-viscosity solutions.

(2) Effectively isolated from solution to avoid being corroded by solution, make pump have a long service life.

(3) High voltage electrostatic protection design is adopted to avoid the discharge problem when the high voltage value is too high, and meet the requirements of the process parameters for spinning.

electrospinning syringe pump.jpg


Electrospinning nozzles

(1) The spinneret is a single-channel eight-needle array spinneret, with a total of 16 needles, and the spinning efficiency is higher;

(2) The two groups of spinnerets are arranged oppositely, and the two groups of needles can be connected to positive and negative voltages respectively to realize conjugate spinning;

(3) Provides a wealth of nozzle configurations, which can be replaced with different types of nozzles;

(4) Equipped with insulating brackets.

conjugate spinning module.jpg

Three-axis motion platform

- X-axis can adjust the spinning receiving distance.

- Y-axis can control the reciprocation of the nozzle module.

- Z-axis can be used to adjust the height and spinning angle of the nozzle module.

electrospinning three axis motion platform.jpg


Nanofiber collector

(1) The longer collector width makes the nanofiber deposition more uniform.

(2) Roller collector: lightweight design, net weight is only 4.2 kg for high speed and high precision.

(3) Flat collector: preparation of two nanofiber membranes at the same time for rapid experiments.

(4) Also equipped with parallel electrode collector, cage collector and tube collector to prepare highly aligned nanofibers and tubular nanofiber scaffold.

 electrospinning equipment_Drum.png

nanofiber collector.jpg

Device operation panel

- The control function of the device is integrated on the device panel;

- Detect the operation of each part of the system during the operation of the equipment.

machine operation panel.jpg

Nano yarn device

(1) The electrospinning nano-yarn device is an optional configuration for Electrospinning Machine E04-001, equipped with a double nozzle system, rotating funnel, yarn collector.

(2) Nanofiber yarns with a certain degree of orientation can be prepared.

(3) Nano-yarn device needs to be purchased separately as an optional configuration.

nano yarn spinning device.jpg

Consumables and accessories details

electrospinning accessories.jpg

electrospinning nanofiber collector_accessories.jpg


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