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Foshan Nanofiberlabs Co.,Ltd

Based in Shishan Town of Foshan National High-Tech Industries Development Zone, Foshan Nanofiberlabs Co.,Ltd (Nanofiberlabs) was founded in 2014 which dedicate to the overall solutions for new material preparation equipment and biomedical research equipment.

We are a young and energetic team with 5 PHDs and 5 Masters. With strong research and development strength, we have 20 authorized invention patents and 23 utility model patents, and have been rated as a national high-tech enterprise for many years.

About Us

We take electrospinning technology of the new material preparation equipment as the core, and develop the product supply services relate to preparation, testing, post-treatment process for the micro/nano materials, biological materials, environmental protection material, including selling scientific research equipment and related supplies in the field of new materials, new energy, biomedical and other emerging researches.

Since establishment, we have received extensive attention from provincial and municipal leaders, and relevant leaders have visited the company for many times to guide the work.

Glories of Company

  • In 2014, entering the third China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition(Guangdong Division) and getting the title of “Excellent Team”.

  • In 2016, getting the title of ”Foshan Innovation Team”.

  • In 2016, getting the title of “National High and New Technology Enterprise”

  • In 2016, getting the High-tech Product Certification

  • In 2016, the joint Laboratory for Biomedical Materials and Manufacturing Equipment was established.

  • In 2016, the public service platform of reliability assurance and quality inspection technology for specialized equipment industrial cluster in Foshan High-tech Zone was established.

  • In 2017, Getting the title of Special-Protection IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Enterprise.

  • Passing the review of the national high-tech enterprise identification in 2019.

  • Getting Joint Training Demonstration Site for Guangdong Postgraduate Joint Training Base (Foshan) in 2020.

  • Getting Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise in 2019.




Core members of Lepton company established a Micro/nano processing electrospinning research team.


The first professional electrospinning machine and comprehensive electrospinning machine were successfully trial-produced.


The principle of near-field direct writing electrospinning was first proposed.


The melt near-field electrospinning model machine was produced and put into use.


Near-field electrospinning machine expanded the solution direct writing function.


Established the first electrospinning production line for the development of industrialized production processes.


Foshan Lepton Precision M&C Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Nanhai District of Foshan City, Guangdong.


Lepton product appeared in the National "Twelfth Five-Year" Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition and was praised by Chinese Premier Keqiang Li.
Lepton got the High-tech Product Certification.


Lepton product obtained CE/FCC certification.
Lepton got the title of Special-Protection IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Enterprise.


Lepton shortlisted in the first batch of technology enterprises in Guangdong Province.


Lepton Passed the review of the national high-tech enterprise identification in 2019.


Lepton researched and developed nanofiber mask filter production line.
Lepton moved to a new factory with over 3000 square meters.


R&D Team

Nanofiberlabs' equipment is well recognized by customers, and one of its important factors is its experienced R&D team.

Professor Wang Han (Chief Technical Advisor)

Ph.D. degree in Testing and Metrology Technology and Instruments, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Xiamen University, Director of Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Micro-Nano Processing; Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Plan Evaluation Expert. Reviewer of SCI international journals such as Applied physics A. A total of 128 patents have been applied for, 54 of which have been authorized, including 73 invention patent applications, 12 of which have been granted (1 German PCT patent, 1 US patent), 61 substantive examinations, and 42 authorized utility models.

Dr. Zhu Ziming (General Manager)

Doctor of Mechanical Engineering from the Guangdong University of Technology. He has been in charge of nanofiber series equipment research and development projects for 11 years, including large-scale nanofiber production lines, near-field electrohydrodynamic direct writing devices, and droplet printing equipment. The R&D team has won 1 national-level R&D project funding, 2 provincial-level funding, 26 authorized invention patents, and 8 SCI papers, all involving nanofiber manufacturing and related applications.

Zeng Jun (R&D Director)

Ph.D. student at the Guangdong University of Technology, member of the Electrospinning Innovation Team of Guangdong Key Laboratory of Micro-Nano Processing Technology and Equipment. His research interests include electrospinning, electrohydrodynamic direct writing, microfluidic analysis, and micro/nanofabrication. A total of 18 invention patents have been applied for, and the first author has published 4 EI/SCI papers.

Xu Guojie (Assistant to General Manager)

A Ph.D. candidate at the Guangdong University of Technology, he has been engaged in electrospinning micro-nano 3D printing for 3 years. He has rich experience in micro-nano printing and is good at dealing with and solving problems in the operation of electrospinning equipment and summarizing them.


Quality Policy

After-sales Service Commitment

1. Warranty Period

1) Under normal circumstances, the free warranty period of the whole machine is one year from the date of acceptance of the commissioning test, and it will be paid for maintenance for life.

2) The equipment installation, adjustment, test and acceptance are completed, and the product cannot be shipped due to customer reasons. The warranty period is one year from the date of shipment as agreed in the contract, and lifetime paid maintenance.

3) The user must follow the equipment operation manual and maintenance manual. If it is unnatural damage caused by improper use or modification by the user, it is not covered by the above warranty and the user must pay the maintenance cost.

2. Service Response Time

If the product goes wrong, the supplier will respond within 4 hours.

3. Manufacturer's Technical Support

Return visits regularly to learn more about the use of the equipment and put forward constructive opinions to ensure that the equipment is in a long-term good condition.

4. Other Service Commitments

Safety protection must be done during product transportation to ensure that the product is in good condition.

5. Training Plan

1) Provide video training on equipment use and equipment maintenance until the relevant personnel of the purchaser master it.

2) Provide video training for relevant operators of purchasers.


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