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Name : PVA ; Polyvinyl alcohol
Brand Name : Qingzi Nano
Molecular Formula:[C2H4O]n
CAS Number : 9002-89-5
Shipment : By Ship

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  • Product Description

        Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is an organic compound with a chemical formula of [C2H4O]n. Its appearance is white flake, flocculent or powder solid, and it is tasteless. Soluble in water (above 95℃), slightly soluble in dimethyl sulfoxide, insoluble in gasoline, kerosene, vegetable oil, benzene, toluene, dichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride, acetone, ethyl acetate, methanol, ethylene Alcohol etc. Polyvinyl alcohol is an important chemical raw material used in the manufacture of polyvinyl acetal, gasoline-resistant pipes and vinylon, fabric treatment agents, emulsifiers, paper coatings, adhesives, glues, etc.


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