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The development of nanofiber beauty mask is expected in the future

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1. what is nanofiber beauty mask?

Nanofiber beauty mask refers to the direct blending of polymer solution and active component into composite nanofibers. The active components are evenly adhered to the inner and surface of the composite nanofibers, and then dried and solidified to form a solid nanofiber beauty mask, that is, membrane essence. The mask has three layers of composite structure, namely, the protective layer, the dry essence layer and the supporting layer.


Figure 1 nanofibers face film structure

2. advantages of nanofiber beauty mask

The main advantage of the nanofiber beauty mask is that it can combine any active compound and dry it. This mask does not need to add any preservatives, reduce the sensitization rate, and effectively relieve skin sensitivity. The researchers used capsaicin emulsion as a source of stimulation to establish a cutaneous nerve stabbing model. The skin was tested for capsaicin tingling. After 30 minutes of using anti sensitive nanofiber beauty mask, wetting area is smaller and lighter than that of pure water. After use, it can also be seen that the skin wrinkles are reduced and the skin luster is improved. In addition, nanofiber beauty mask can achieve antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin healing and cleaning effects, as well as slow down collagen consumption and elastin breakdown. It can protect skin from toxic environmental agents and balance natural skin barrier. It can be used as active ingredient and can be used as an intelligent skin active carrier to replace normal emulsion.


Figure 2 Physical map of skin redness


Figure 3 The effect of reducing wrinkles after 30 minutes of use


Figure 4 The effect of improving skin luster after 30 minutes of use

3. comparison with traditional beauty mask

At present, the traditional beauty mask that can be bought on the market is nonwovens and cotton cloth. It means that the moisture content in the mask may oxidize some unstable active ingredients, such as ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid has the ability of scavenging free radicals and destroying oxidants, and has been widely used in cosmetics and dermatology products. However, its chemical properties are unstable and easy to oxidize. Once oxidized, the mask will deteriorate and cause skin allergy. The new nanofiber beauty mask can effectively capture active ingredients in fiber or their mesh, and it will be moist when applied to the skin, thereby enhancing the stability of the product. Once moistened, the ingredients in the mask quickly dissolve and release active ingredients to ensure maximum penetration. In addition, traditional beauty mask has problems such as poor skin adhesion, inadequate absorption of nutrient solution and easy water dripping. It is difficult for users to bring comfortable experience to users. These problems can be well solved by nanofiber beauty mask. The 3D construction of nanofiber mask can ensure the greatest degree of adhesion with the skin surface. It is not only identical with high softness and traditional beauty mask, but also more easily release nutrients to the skin surface, which helps to enhance skin permeability and restore the young skin state.


Figure 5 Effect of traditional facial mask


Figure 6 The effect of nanofiber mask

4. ActivLayr

As a leader in the cosmetics industry, Revolution fibers limited of New Zealand has launched ActivLayer technology based on marine collagen composite nanofibers. The unique feature of this technology is that the dissolution rate of mask essence is only 3-5 seconds when it is used. It is the fastest nanofiber membrane in the world. This mask is made from New Zealand deep-sea fugu, which contains a variety of natural collagen extracts and active ingredients. In addition, using sugar cane syrup, chitin nanoscale fiber, nano lignin, industrial and agricultural byproducts (such as lignin) to produce green nanocomposites can create innovative and effective nanofiber beauty mask.


Figure 7 ActivLayr product picture

5. Future prospects

Nanofiber technology is currently a hot research topic, and the laboratory research is very in-depth, but the large-scale mass production of nanofibers is still in the stage of conquering. Nano 、fiber mask as a new mask, there are not many products on the market. So far, kinds of masks such as eye patch, forehead stickers and acne stickers have been developed. With the continuous development of nanofiber technology and functional ingredients, the development of nanofiber beauty mask is expected in the future.


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