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Electrospinning Nanofiber Yarn System Solutions

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The electrospinning of the nanofiber yarn system is different from the general electrospinning system, instead of using a flat surface or a drum as a collector, it has a double spinning system, a high-speed rotating metal funnel, and a yarn winder. The morphology of the fibers is also different, not disordered nanofiber membranes, but ordered oriented fibers. When preparing nanofibers with a certain degree of orientation, it is necessary to use an electrospinning machine with a nanofiber yarn system, which can achieve the effect of controlling the composition and morphology of nanofibers.


Electrospinning nanofiber yarn system can prepare nanofiber yarns with a high degree of orientation, which has good mechanical properties, and the oriented fibers can guide the migration of adherent cells, have a good affinity, and are conducive to cell proliferation. It can be used in tissue engineering repair, sensors, flexible electronics, and other fields.


 The electrospinning nanofiber yarn system E04-003 developed by Nanofiberlabs is designed for scientific research experiments. It integrates all the devices of nanofiber yarns, and the function of the equipment can be adjusted on the touch screen, which can control the reciprocation of the sliding table and the metal funnel. Speed, collection speed of collection device; can record experimental parameters, powerful and easy to use.

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Nanofiber Yarn System and Yarn Micro

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of Electrospinning Yarn system and SEM of nanofibers yarn


electrospinning nanofiber yarn system_2

Figure 2 Electrospinning Nanofiber Yarn System

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