Electrospinning nanoparticles may be used to treat skin cancer

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Nanoparticles offer new opportunities for the treatment of skin diseases. The barrier function of the skin poses a significant challenge for nanoparticles to permeate into the tissue, although the barrier is partially compromised in case of injury or inflammation, as in the case of skin cancer. This may facilitate the penetration of nanoparticles. Extensive research has gone into developing nanoparticles for topical delivery; however, relatively little progress has been made in translating them to the clinic for treating skin cancers. We summarize the types of skin cancers and practices in current clinical management. The review provides a comprehensive outlook of the various nanoparticle technologies tested for topical therapy of skin cancers and summarizes the obstacles that impede its progress from the bench-to-bedside. The review also aims to provide an understanding of the pathways that govern nanoparticle penetration into the skin and a critical analysis of the approaches used to study nanoparticle interactions within the tissue.

 Nanoparticles for topical drug delivery: Potential for skin cancer treatment


Published: 2020


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Paper link:https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0169409X20300442


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