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Nanofiber facial mask electrospinning production line

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Equipment introduction:

Aiming at the production process of facial mask, this equipment can process nanofiber facial mask on different flexible substrates, and can be doped with different functional materials to achieve the preparation of various functional facial mask. The facial mask prepared by the nanofiber facial mask production line has four advantages of solid-state non-corrosion, instant absorption, deep penetration and tight fitting. It is an important direction for the future development of facial mask products.


Equipment parameters:

Equipment nameNanofiber facial mask production line
Width 660mm
Delivery time15 ~ 20 days
Equipment compositionSpinning module + winding module + drying module + electric control module + liquid supply module
Floor area9m (L) x 2.8m (W) x 2.5m (H)
Equipment power20kw
SubstrateRelease paper, non-woven fabric, mesh gauze, etc
Raw material cost raw material cost includes

spinning aid, solvent and essence

(1) Spinning aid: 300 yuan / kg

(2) Solvent: 5 yuan / kg

(3) Essence: provided by the custome

Spinning solution cost35 yuan / kg (excluding essence), the spinning solution needs to have proper viscosity and conductivity
Production workersThe operation and maintenance of the equipment is simple, and there is no experience, education and basic requirements for the production personnel. One person can operate the equipment

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