Application of Electrospinning Cellulose Acetate in the Field of Biomedicine

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Cellulose acetate has good solubility, biocompatibility and biodegradability, and can be used as a substrate for electrospinning in biomedicine related fields. Enzymes, drugs, cells, etc. are mounted on the electrospinning cellulose acetate membrane by means of coaxial electrospinning technology, physical blending and LBL layer-by-layer assembly technology to obtain cellulose membranes with different functions.

The composition of electrospinning nanofibers is controllable and can be adjusted as needed to obtain fibers with different properties. Cellulose acetate is characterized by large water permeability, simple processing, and easy blending with other materials. Experiments have proved that fixing the positively charged lysozyme-chitosan-organic tropite composite material and negatively charged and negatively charged sodium alginate on the negatively charged acetic acid electrospinning membrane can improve the large intestine The antibacterial effect of Bacillus.

Using cellulose acetate membrane as a drug carrier can prolong the circulatory effect of the drug in the body. Coaxial electrospinning is a method for preparing fibers with core-shell structure. This technology can carry the drug in the shell material, which can prevent the rapid release of the drug while being stable. At the same time, the action time of the drug is prolonged and the frequency of administration is controlled. Other biologically active substances are blended with acetic acid electrospinning fibers to enhance the adhesion of drugs, and can also be used to produce wound dressings suitable for skin tissues.

coaxial electrospinning device structure

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of coaxial electrospinning device structure

At the same time, electrospinning cellulose acetate also has good mechanical durability, and its physical and chemical properties can also be used in the field of tissue engineering. Studies have shown that by layer-by-layer self-assembly LBL technology, polysaccharides/layered silicate are deposited on electrospinning cellulose acetate, and the obtained composite material has good protein adsorption capacity and blood compatibility. Electrospinning three-dimensional network structure is also conducive to cell adhesion, diffusion and value-added.


In addition to the above applications, composite fibers can also be made into biosensors by blending luminescent materials to extend their imaging time. The composite material with antibacterial properties can obtain better antibacterial ability and is used in related products such as food, textiles, packaging, and health care.


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multifunctional electrospinning E06

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