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Electrospinning technology at the Beijing Winter Olympics

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The masks worn by athletes at the Winter Olympics are particularly conspicuous, but the secrets inside are obvious. The nanofiber membrane is used to add a layer of fine "protective net" to the mask, which is far more effective in filtering bacteria, viruses, and various particles than traditional melt-blown fabrics. Green features.

It is reported that this nanofiber mask at the Beijing Winter Olympics came from a team of professors at Qingdao University in China. It is a joint research and development project of Qingdao University. Ordinary masks are disposable and use the principle of electrostatic adsorption to absorb viruses. With the attenuation of static electricity, the barrier efficiency of masks to viruses continues to decrease. At the same time, small water droplets will gather, and the water vapor will then gather on the glasses.

When a nanofiber layer is added to the mask, a dense protective net is formed to block various tiny particles, bacteria, influenza viruses, new coronaviruses, etc. In addition, the materials used in the inner layer and outer layer of the nanofiber membrane protective mask have different water absorption, which can transmit water vapor to the outer layer to form a unidirectional moisture-conducting function, so that the mask can be kept dry and breathable, avoiding the generation of water vapor on the glasses.

The nanofiber membrane masks used in the Winter Olympics were developed through the electrospinning process, which is the application of electrospinning in the field of air filtration. Using an environmentally friendly organic solvent, the solution is then spun into nanoscale fibers by an electrospinning process. It is worth noting that this "black technology" has overcome the problem of environmental pollution caused by the production of nanofiber membranes, and has designed special electrospinning nanofiber production equipment to solve a variety of problems in the industrial production process.

Control the parameters of the electrospinning technology during the production of nanofiber membranes to achieve stable and continuous production. Not only that, buts technology can also emit light in other fields, such as car engines, air filter materials used in aircraft, and new protective materials.

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