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Scale-up industrial electrospinning equipment

Customizable width 660/1200/1600mm or other widths;
Positive & negative high voltage power supply system;
7*24 hours continuous spinning; mass Nanofiber Production;
Unique electrospinning nozzle patent; ensure spinning stability;
Certificates:CE/FCC, ISO 9001

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Scale-up industrial electrospinning production line

Scale-up electrospinner use for mass production of electrospinning nanofibers. The equipment has a complete rewinding and unwinding system to guarantee continuous and stable nanofiber production, liquid supply system, high voltage power supply, spinning system, receiving device, exhaust system, PLC control system, temperature and humidity control system.

The equipment can meet the conditions of batch and continuous production of nanofibers. The width can be expanded according to customer needs. And it is equipped with a safety system to ensure safe production. It has broad application prospects in high-efficiency filter materials, tissue engineering, drug carriers, and functional textiles.


(1) Suggestion on Site Advantages: Provide customers with reasonable suggestions on-site layout and site optimization, and assist customers in organizing production;

(2) Complete product range: In addition to scale-up electrospinning equipment, we also have electrospinning machines for scientific research experiments. This gives us experience in transforming scientific experiments into industrial production;

(3) Rich production experience: Over the years, customer case experience of industrialized equipment has led to continuous improvement of our equipment;

(4) Continuously improve equipment solutions based on customer usage: We continue to optimize the configuration of the upgraded equipment and accumulate information on how to combine the electrospinning technology with the safe use and rational design of the equipment;

(5) Technicalsupport: We have an experienced R&D team to assist customers in solving problems. Our R&D team includes professionals from mechanical engineering design to materials engineering;

(6) Complete overseas service system: Our electrospinning industrialization equipment is exported to many overseas countries, so we have a large number of customer needs and cases. Therefore, all of these require us to provide complete pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services, including a complete installation, commissioning and training system.

Electrospinning Application

(1) Face mask;

(2) Air filtration;

(3) Wound dressing;

(4) Biological patches, small-caliber stents, and other medical materials;

(5) Instant mask;

(6) High-temperature resistant materials;

(7) Battery separator;

(8) Waterproof and breathable membrane;

(9) Antibacterial and sterilization materials;

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