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Electrospun Nanofibrous Materials for Wound Healing

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Wound dressing materials which are capable of meeting the demands of accelerating wound closure and promoting wound healing process have being highly desired. Electrospun nanofibrous materials show great application potentials for wound healing owing to relatively large surface area, better mimicry of native extracellular matrix, adjustable waterproofness and breathability, and programmable drug delivery process. In this review article, we begin with a discussion of wound healing process and current commercial wound dressing materials. Then, we emphasize on electrospun nanofibrous materials for wound dressing, covering the efforts for controlling fiber alignment and morphology, constructing 3D scaffolds, developing waterproof-breathable membrane, governing drug delivery performance, and regulating stem cell behavior. Finally, we finish with challenges and future prospects of electrospun nanofibrous materials for wound dressings.

 Electrospun Nanofibrous Materials for Wound Healing





Journal:Advanced Materials

Impact Factor:29.319

Paper link:https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s42765-020-00034-y


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