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Batch preparation of production line of nanofiber masks

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After the outbreak, masks have always been a scarce medical material, especially medical masks used in the frontline of epidemic prevention. At present, there are serious difficulties in the raw materials of masks. The "melt blown cloth" as the core filter layer is in short supply, the market is chaotic, and the price is high.

Therefore, it is urgent to solve the problem of mass production of melt blown filter media!

Lepton has always been adhering to the spirit of "loyalty, dedication, dedication, great love, and pursuit of excellence". Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it has continued to integrate resources and adjust strategies to respond to the call of the party and government, "We will make whatever the country needs. "


After days of close communication with the upstream and downstream supply chains, in response to the current problems in epidemic prevention and control, Lepton officially launched a nanofiber production line to replace melt blown cloth production!

The following is important information, the following is important information, and the following is important information! ! ! (I talk about important things three times)!

1) Equipment delivery time: 15-30 days

2) Purchase the equipment and the nanofiber membrane formula with filtering function, and turn-key project to your hands!

3) Filtration efficiency: higher than medical surgical masks (YY0469-2011)  Higher than disposable medical masks (YYT0969-2013)!

4) Production capacity: >4000 ㎡/day, which is greater than the production capacity of a medical surgical mask production line (100,000 masks)

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