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The research and development of nanomaterials and equipment are reported by the media!

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To fight the epidemic, the production of high-quality protective masks is imminent.

After understanding the shortage of mask production materials, as a supplier of nanofiber manufacturing equipment, the Lepton Company convened employees to return to work early on January 28 to quickly carry out the research and development of antibacterial filter membrane materials, the transformation of nanofiber filter material production line, and the core filter. OEM production and other work. Combining the foundation of the previous research work, successfully completed the transformation of the automated production line, and can produce 300,000 antibacterial mask filter membrane materials per day; the mask products have antibacterial and antibacterial performance when they leave the factory, with an antibacterial performance of 99.99%; now we are cooperating with a number of cooperative units Efforts will be made to upgrade equipment and strive to meet the daily output of 2 million masks.

In response to the epidemic, the light subsidiary has been working hard and has received positive responses from downstream application customers. At the same time, it has been widely reported by mainstream media such as the central media Central Broadcasting Network and local media Foshan TV Station.


Foshan Lepton focuses on the research and development, production and sales of electrostatic spinning equipment. Its products include scientific and educational equipment widely used in scientific research institutes at home and abroad as well as industrial continuous production of nanofiber production lines.

At the same time, in response to the epidemic, special processing services for nanofiber antibacterial filter membranes and electrostatic electret processing have been carried out.

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