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Professor and a group of 6 people visited our electrospinning laboratory to visit and exchange

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At 10 o'clock this morning, Professor Yu and a group of 6 people came to our electrospinning laboratory for sightseeing. The relevant person in charge of our company enthusiastically led Professor Yu and the group to visit the company’s working environment, product exhibition hall, electrospinning laboratory, etc., and The material samples brought by the teachers were used for electrospinning process trial production and technical exchanges.






After the visit, the two parties had a discussion and exchange. At the meeting, the manager of the company's product development department explained the development history and status quo of electrospinning to teachers, and introduced the development history of Lepton and the company's electrospinning products of the past generations in detail.


While the teachers had an in-depth understanding and discussion of our products and production equipment, our company and the professors reached a consensus on project cooperation and student joint training.


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