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Patent application for electrospinning machine- Nanofiberlabs

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In the latest news, a method for manufacturing porous nanofibers with a controllable pore size developed by the electrostatic spinning team of Foshan Lepton Precision Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. was granted an invention patent issued by the State Intellectual Property Office on July 28, 2017.


Patent name: A manufacturing method of porous nanofibers with controllable pore size 

Patent number: CN201510566561.2   

Technical field 

The invention relates to a manufacturing process of a porous nanofiber with a controllable pore size, and belongs to the field of micro-nano processing.   


The invention discloses a method for manufacturing a porous nanofiber with a controllable pore size. The method is to select inorganic salt particles of corresponding size according to the need for the pore size in the porous nanofiber; mix the polymer with the inorganic salt and heat to polymerize The material is melted while the inorganic salt is not melted, and then stirred and dispersed; the molten material is electrospun to obtain nanofibers, and the molten material is placed in a solvent to dissolve the inorganic salt in the nanofibers and dried to obtain porous nanofibers. In this way, the manufacture of porous nanofibers with controllable pore size is realized. The invention adopts inorganic salt as the porogen to produce smaller and more uniform pores than the traditional process, and is more economical and environmentally friendly, and can also enhance the conductivity of the polymer, making it easier to realize spinning. The invention adopts melt electrospinning to make nanofibers, which has more applicable materials than the method for making porous nanofibers by solution electrospinning.   

Use of this patent: drug loading, tissue engineering scaffold, etc.


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