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After 11 days in theaters, "Wolf Warriors 2" ignited the movie schedule for the entire summer vacation, and the box office was rising steadily. The editor leads the electrospinning gentlemen to count the applications of electrospinning technology in the field of national defense and military industry together.


Plague-Ramanra virus (Ebola virus) protection

Speaking of electrospinning technology, the first point of black technology is that nanofibers prepared by electrospinning technology are used in the field of personal protection. In China, the most used electrospinning nanofiber technology for personal protection should be masks. Nanofibers have great technical advantages in personal protection because of their large specific surface area, high porosity, and small pore size. 

In the protection in the military field, nanofibers can be used to prepare biochemical protective clothing, and the protective clothing prepared by electrospun nanofiber membranes has the function of waterproof and moisture permeability. In biochemical protection, it can be used to isolate germs and toxic gases emitted by biochemical weapons to achieve individual protection. In the film, the team led by Dr. Chen is preventing the spread of the Ebola virus. If medical staff wear nanofiber protective clothing made of electrospinning, it can reduce the threat of the virus to medical staff. In addition, in a large-scale plague environment, people wearing nanofiber masks with antibacterial and sterilizing properties can also reduce the infection of germs.



In battlefields and epidemic outbreak areas, clean drinking water has become a luxury. It is difficult for people to obtain clean drinking water in the epidemic environment, and they are easily infected with the plague, making it difficult to control the plague, and soldiers living in the wild in the war zone, if they can’t get clean drinking water , It is easy to get sick and the combat effectiveness decreases. Electrospinning nanofiber membrane technology plays an important role in water filtration. Nanofiber filtration membrane can realize the function of nanofiltration, can filter most germs, and can also adsorb heavy metal ions. Therefore, the electrospinning nanofiber technology has great applications in the treatment of emergency drinking water in field activities and disaster areas.


In the plot of the film, Leng Feng was contact-infected with Ramanra virus due to a hand injury. Electrospinning technology can also provide protection technology for our wolf in this link. As early as 2014, the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital (No. 301 Hospital) has begun to apply electrospinning technology to clinical research on rapid wound hemostasis and wound protection in the battlefield. The team of Professor Long Yunze of Qingdao University has done a lot of forward-looking work on the portable electrospinning instrument, making it possible for the electrospinning technology to be used in the emergency treatment of wounds in emergency situations. If, in the film, Leng Feng carried an electrospinner the size of toilet water and sprayed a layer of nanofiber membrane on the injured hand, it would not only protect the wound from infection by germs, but also promote tissue regeneration. (Neither will Dr. Chen Sacrificed because of gunshot wounds and bleeding too much).



In addition to the epidemic protection applications mentioned above, nanofiber technology can also be used in virus detection. Because of its large specific surface area, when it is used as a detection device, it has higher sensitivity and can detect a smaller amount of pathogens. When a severe infectious disease breaks out, the use of electrospinning nanofiber technology can greatly reduce the missed detection rate and achieve effective control of the epidemic.

Speaking of detection, in addition to the detection of germs, in the detection of military, anti-terrorism and drugs, electrospun nanofiber products can detect even more trace gas components in the air, making it possible to detect deeply hidden explosives, landmines, and drugs. To (information source from a researcher of a military industrial unit)

Application of high-end equipment: 

In the film, the rescue helicopter was shot down by a missile shortly after takeoff, which really made the editor worried. In the modern information battlefield, the battle between the stealth performance of the equipment and the radar has just begun.


The fourth-generation stealth fighter J-20 independently developed by my country, from its first flight to the appearance of the 90th anniversary military parade this year, is full of black technology. Among them, the stealth material of the stealth fighter is not invisible to the naked eye. Instead, let the radar go blind. Due to the special structure design of the fighter and the body of the fighter coated with a layer of absorbing stealth material, the electromagnetic wave sent by the radar is absorbed and not reflected during the flight of the fighter, so as to achieve the effect that the radar cannot search. It will not be locked by radar and will be shot down by missiles. Porous carbon nanomaterials have the characteristics of wave absorption and stealth. Electrospinning, as the most economical and fastest method for preparing nanomaterials, can prepare highly efficient porous carbon nanomaterials to create invisible clothes for defense equipment.


In the film, I was very excited when seeing "Zhao Donglai" ordering to fire and the missiles flying up from the warship. At the same time, the corners of his eyes were moist, and I felt the determination of the Chinese soldiers to maintain world peace. . So here, let’s talk about warships. In addition to the stealth fighters mentioned above, there are also stealth warships. my country’s first Xinli guided missile frigate is a stealth warship. Let's talk about missiles. Of course, missiles also have stealth, so we won't discuss stealth anymore. Let’s talk about another material in the missile, the heat-insulating material, silicon carbide heat-insulating material prepared by electrospinning technology, which can greatly improve the combat performance of the missile. It can be said that it is another black technology material.


In the context of military-civilian integration, Foshan Lepton Precision Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd., as a designer and manufacturer of electrospinning equipment, is also actively involved in the application of electrospinning in the defense and military industry in the process of designing high-end electrospinning equipment. Project, settled in the park, Foshan Guanggong University CNC Equipment Research Institute has also established Guangdong National Defense Science and Technology Transformation Military-civilian Fusion Research Institute. Lepton Measurement and Control will provide high-end electrospinning equipment for the equipment manufacturing of the national defense and military industry, and contribute to the national defense industry. power.




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