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The progress of electrospinning industry and nanofiber materials

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The electrospinning method is the polymer spray electrostatic drawing spinning method. The principle is that in the high-voltage electrostatic field, the polymer solution or droplet carries thousands or even tens of thousands of volts of high-voltage static electricity, and forms a voltage difference with the collecting plate. The cone pole is accelerated. When the electric field force reaches a certain value and the electric field force is greater than the surface tension, a jet stream is formed. The polymer is stretched and refined under the action of the electric field. This process is accompanied by the evaporation of the solvent. When the jet stream is stretched to a smaller diameter , It will solidify quickly, causing solid fibers to deposit on the collecting plate.

Electrospinning technology is a special nanofiber manufacturing process. The advantages are simple manufacturing device, low spinning cost, many kinds of spinnable polymers, and controllable spinning process. Electrospinning nanofibers, as a kind of nanomaterials, have the characteristics of high specific surface area, large aspect ratio and high porosity. At present, with the application of new technologies, nanofiber materials need to be used in many fields, such as filtration and separation, sensors, new energy, food packaging materials, cosmetic materials, high-temperature insulation materials and other fields. 


Figure 1 Application fields of nanofiber materials

This stimulates the demand for the industrialization of nanofibers. Electrospinning is a simple and unique technology for producing nanofiber membranes. It can use different raw materials for the target to prepare the required nanofiber membranes to achieve the desired effect.

Foshan Nanofiberlabs Co , Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focusing on electrospinning equipment, pilot plant, production line and scientific research service. In order to meet the needs of the industrialization of nanofibers, a machine that can prepare nanofibers in large quantities has been developed, which can prepare the required nanofiber materials according to different raw materials. For specific details of the equipment, please refer to the link below.

Electrospinning industrial equipment: https://www.nanofiberlabs.com/product/scale-up-industrial-electrospinning-equipment.html

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Figure 2 Electrospinning industrial equipment


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